sticker_shock Today I stopped in at my regular barber shop for what I call my “5 minute slash-and-burn”.*  I parked across from the shop**  and as I walked up to go in, two of the lady barbers***  were taking a break, sitting on the curb out front.  We said hello as I passed.

I went inside and sat down with the other waiting customers, many of us fiddling with our phones to pass the time.****

The ladies finished their break, and came in, and I was called up by one of them.  After the introductory pleasantries, and telling her how I wanted my hair(s) cut, something new happened.  She asked what my bumper stickers meant.

Apparently they sat outside during their break and discussed what they might be about.  They were not familiar with the HRC equality symbol, and were a bit confused what the “Obama Evolved” indicated.  Internally, I almost groaned, and thought this might not go well.