My chin hurts.

It hurts because it hit the floor a few minutes ago, when my jaw dropped.

As I was logging on to WordPress today to check my “dashboard”, as they call the administration pages for the blog, I noticed something that surprised me to no end.  I clicked on the little icon that indicates administrative messages waiting to be read.  Those messages indicate when someone “liked” your blog, reblogged one of your posts, or signed up to receive email notices when a new post goes up.  I’ve got 161 followers as of this writing.  It was # 161 that gave me a sore chin.

Adam Bouska is now following my blog!  (insert Snoopy dance here. In a dignified, appropriate for a 54 year old gentleman sort of way, of course. Oh, hell, never mind dignity…  full on Snoopy dance.)

Adam is the photographer behind the NOH8 Campaign, who has taken literally tens of thousands of NOH8 photos, the ones you see on websites, Facebook profiles, Tweets, and almost anywhere you see people working against discrimination.  From everyday people like you and me, to movie stars, musicians, politicians, and simply the “stars” of our society, people line up at the frequent NOH8 Campaign photo shoots that Adam and his team do across the country.

One such open shoot is coming to Fresno on July 13, and I’m going to have to finagle a way to be there, because I have to work that night.  I’ll figure out something, though.

It’s really cool that Adam now follows this blog.  I consider it an honor, and welcome and thank Adam for joining my followers.

Check out Adam’s professional site, Adam Bouska Photography, and the NOH8 Campaign’s site.

Ok, excuse me now while I continue that Snoopy dance.  Hit it, maestro!