So yesterday Aaron came by and set me up with AT&T’s U-Verse Internet, TV, and VOIP telephone service.  The appointment was scheduled between 1pm and 3pm, and he arrived right at 3pm.  Talk about timing!  So now we see how this goes, after having one problem right off the bat.  Seems when I ordered it, I didn’t check as closely as I thought I had, and ended up with a TV package that didn’t include the three channels I watch the most!  Well, that just won’t do, so as soon as the service center was taking calls I phoned in and upped the package to something with at least SyFy, BBC America, and MSNBC.  It looks like I’ll even be able to watch Logo! Because of my screw-up, I missed the season premier of Dr. Who last night.  I’m hoping they re-run it soon.  Anyway, next up is learning how to program the recorder, including how to work it all from my iPhone.  As Aaron and I were discussing, technology has really been leaping along.  It was a bit humorous (to me anyway) that he had never seen or even heard of the brand name of my television, a Bell & Howell.  Yeah, a Bell & Howell.  Manufactured in 1995.  In Tennessee.   Before I bought it at Wards, I thought they just did power tools, too.  Although the movie Back to the Future II should have been a clue…  the pizza hydrator was a Bell & Howell.  He suprised me, though, by being able to set the DVR remote to operate the set right off the bat.  I’ve never been able to get any other remote to do that.  I’d always written it off to the odd brand, but perhaps it just requires the operator to be smarter than the remote! 😉

Oh, the Belkin UPS next to the modem came with the set-up.  Since the modem draws power from the house circuit, it has to have a back-up in case the electric service goes out.  Can’t have the liability for not having 9-1-1 available if there’s no electricity!  I bet the lawyers insisted on that one.  But it’s nice, as long as people remember to change it out once in a while.

The Universe is mine!  Bwwahahahahaahaha!