It makes me wonder, sometimes.

Today, while doing some of my Editorial chores at QueerNetworks, I noticed a search engine term that landed someone on QueerVisalia.  Some of the entries make me wonder at times just what is going on in some people’s minds.

I’ve seen things like “Jim Reeves gay porn star” (yeah, there is a gay porn actor with the stage name Jim Reeves. It’s not me. Really.  He’s hot. And hung.), and “Jim Reeves gay” (if they’re asking about me, the answer is “yes”. If about the porn actor, still “yes”. If the country-western singer of the late 50’s and early 60’s, “no”, as far as I know.).

Today’s search engine query was “Jim Reeves crimes”.  Now that has me a bit scared.  Especially since the link in the return brought them to!