Yeah, a communist elitist envy class warfare monger.  I don’t know what it means, either.  Nazi was probably left out by simple oversight.  It’s funny, the person who writes this stuff probably thinks of themselves as a good person, and a Christian.  But, get him riled up in the newspaper’s online forums, and the name calling erupts like BP’s infamous Gulf of Mexico oil well.

“LibertyAlive” is this dim bulb’s moniker, and he misses no chance to call people names when he disagrees with them.  He’s not even very original when he engages in that name calling, however.  The term ‘wingnut’ has come to be used when referring to the radical/TEA Bagger/right wing conservative, and I’ve used it from time to time when talking about things posted online.  In clever and carefully considered response, he’s come up with ‘dingnut’, to refer to people he thinks must be Democrats, and other left leaning individuals.  How original, huh?

He has a real problem understanding what issue is being discussed, and has, in classic wingnut style, redefined words to mean things 180 degrees from what they really are, or simply assigns meanings to words regardless of what the rest of the world accepts.   That of course makes it difficult to have a rational discussion with him, and if not for the fun of ‘yanking his chain’, I’d have stopped interacting with him a long time ago.  It’s too much fun, though.

When several people take similar positions, or agree with each other, he’ll accuse them of being the same person posting under different names.  I suppose he finds it impossible to believe there is more than one liberal in Visalia.  This screen name is at least his second since he started posting, the first was his actual name.  It may have become apparent to him that his views could negatively affect his business, so he changed the moniker.  Probably a good idea, since he’d probably lose business if customers knew how incoherent his ramblings are, and how much of a wingnut he is.  After all, would you want to do business with someone who thinks I’m a ‘communist elitist envy class warfare monger’?  I didn’t think so.

I will give him credit for one thing, though.  He has yet to play the ‘gay card’ with me.  No slurs or derogatory comments.  Yet.  We’ll see if that continues.  In the meantime, the conversation has gone in circles a few too many times, so I may have to ‘yank’ some other chains for a while.  But sometimes it’s just too tempting…