The stats page for this website includes a list of search terms that brought readers to my site.  One day, I noticed “Jimmy Joe Reeves” in the listing, and wondered if they were looking for me and simply misspelling my name, or if there was something else going on?  My name is spelled Jimmie, with an ‘ie’ at the end.  This search term was Jimmy with a ‘y’.  So, being the ever inquisitive fellow I am, I immediately “Googled” ‘Jimmy Joe Reeves’.  Here’s what I found!

Meet Jimmy Joe Reeves, from Germany.

He’s apparently an actor (one video on his site shows him in a German movie with American actor Stacy Keach, but it’s in German, so I’m not sure what’s going on).  I do know one thing:  he’s pretty hot!  😉

Here’s his Facebook page, and some more pictures after the jump.

The above pictures look to be a few years old, but this one is relatively recent, I think, and is taken with his husband.  Yep, this Jimmy Joe is gay, too!  Maybe we’ll meet someday.  I think that would be a fun thing.