I’m a frequent reader/contributor at the online forums of the local paper, the Visalia Times Delta. There’s been an ongoing “discussion” about gay rights, and a recent post about how ‘nobody cares about you being gay’ spurred me to write a rebuttal.  The typical ‘if you’d just stay in the closet everybody would be happy’ bullshit was spread around again, so I fired off a salvo in reply.  I’ve reposted it here after the fold.  You can read the entire thread, if you wish, here.

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Sometimes the ignorance posted here from the wingnuts is staggering.
Tommy, yes, people care about how I live.  There are places in this country where if I hold the hand of someone I care about while walking down a street, I could be assaulted.  (not long ago Visalia was such a place)  If I want to give the person I love a kiss goodbye in public, there are people who “care” about that to the extent of physical assault.  If I want to live with someone, I’m told it’s perverted and sinful (even though the people saying that have no idea what goes on in my house).  If I demand equality before the law, the wingnuts say the next step is people wanting to marry animals.  If I don’t want children who are “different” to be bullied in school, wingnuts claim that means the schools are “promoting” homosexuality.  Up until a relatively few years ago, people were ARRESTED for simply being IN a gay bar.  They didn’t have to be doing anything, they just had to be there.  You can say people don’t care, but it’s not true.  They care, and they want gay and lesbian people to hide in the closet and deny their basic selves.  We did that for centuries, and we’re not doing it anymore.
As for “imposing” our value system on others, why is it OK for the wingnuts to impose their’s on us?  They want the government to control marriage, and to do that they pass laws and amendments making their religious rules the law of the land.  They fight any attempts to make education fact based instead of superstition based, and accuse anyone who speaks of homosexuality in any manner other than condemnation as “promoting the gay agenda”.  This country is a huge mix of differences, but the wingnuts would have us believe it’s only their “values’ that should be recognised.
As for Jack/Ron and his comments, they are usually mired the deepest in ignorance.  Marriage has been redefined throughout the centuries, but he and the wingnuts say it has to stay like they want it to be.  They WANT the government to tell them who they can and cannot marry, because the rules are to their liking, at the moment.  They don’t really want the government to stay out of their lives, they want the government to tell everyone to live the way THEY think they should.  It’s a shame, “Jack”, that you support letting children be bullied in school, simply to prevent anyone from saying there are different kinds of families, and that they should realize that differences can be wonderful.  How boring things would be if every family was like the Cleavers.  As far as the Boy Scouts go, I’ll say it again, since you seem to have a real problem hearing the truth – I don’t care what they do.  If they want to remake their club into a right wing religious indoctrination clan, then that’s fine.  They just don’t get to demand special treatment from MY government, use my tax money, and then tell me I can’t participate if I want to.  No tax breaks, no $1 a year lease agreements on government facilities, no gifts of government resources while they refuse membership to those they don’t like.  Baden-Powell would not recognise the Boy Scouts of the United States.  The Boy Scouts in other nations don’t have the discriminatory rules the BSA has, and the boys grow up just fine.  Some turn out straight, some turn out gay.  Just like life in general.
So, it comes down to this:  You say you don’t care what we do, but you are not speaking the truth.  You do care. You care very much.  You care so much you are willing to deny equal protection of the law to adults.  You are willing to block laws and programs to prevent bullying in schools.  You are willing to tolerate hate speech in public because you agree with it.  You and your government waited ten years before getting serious about medical research into HIV, because it was only a “gay disease”.  You’ve kicked out 13,000 people from the military since 1993, based on nothing more than someone “telling”.  The law is “don’t ask, dont’ tell, don’t pursue”.  That last part somehow always gets ignored.  Your hate led two wingnut losers to rob, pistol whip, and leave tied to a fence in freezing weather a young man, physically smaller than either of his assailants, and then leave him to die. Other wingnuts beat and killed a man on the east coast, simply because he walked out of a gay bar, and was strolling home.  You vilify gays to the point where a 15 year old gets a gun and kills a 14 year old because he couldn’t handle being told “I think you’re cute”.

Don’t tell me nobody cares.  It’s clear they do, and with a murderous vengeance.