In his ongoing attempts to deny LGBT citizens in his district the protection of Federal law available to others,  21st District Representative Devin Nunes (R), voted against the Conference Report: H.R. 2647: National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2010.

It’s interesting that there is no mention of this on Nunes’ official website, here. For a complete listing of votes, you can check the Govtrack website, here.

281 yes votes vs 146 no votes sent the bill onto the President, who has indicated he will sign the legislation.

Information on the current bill available on CNN’s site.

Elected “leaders” are seldom that.  They are most often “followers”.  Followers of polls, donations, and party marching orders.  Very seldom will you see any of them actually standing up against unpopular opinions and doing the right thing, the very essence of “leadership”.  Instead, they hold their fingers up to the wind to see which way to follow the crowds.  Pandering to the greatest number of votes or political fund donations, they use excuses like “the will of my constituents” to deny minorities equal protection.

In this vote, Devin Nunes displays his lock-step devotion to the party’s rabid anti gay members, and voted no on a bill to fund our troops at a time when we are involved in two wars.   Way to support the troops, Devin!

I hope that eventually the people of the 21st District realize that Devin Nunes is not serving their needs, and send him home to his cows.  In one of the poorest districts in California, and possibly the nation, we see no support for issues that directly impact the poverty, illiteracy, and pregnancy rates that most determine the quality of life here.  The only support anyone gets from Nunes is if they are wealthy farmers or dairymen.  The average citizen here might be forgiven if they thought they were living in a third world country, rather than the richest on the planet.