So the weekend has just started, and already things are weird.  Big storm early in the week, that blew down part of my fence.


I called the insurance company that holds my homeowner’s policy, and after my deductible, sharing with the adjoining property owner, and depreciation, they would gladly cut me a check for $10.54.  I told them “never mind”.

After the rain, fog.  Now fog is normal after rain here, but this fog was creepy.  It was warm and muggy fog, something I can’t remember ever experiencing.  It’s creeping me out big time.


I’m not comfortable when Mother Nature starts messing with me.

Mother Nature

Earlier tonight I went to a candle light vigil put on by PFLAG of Tulare-Kings County. Their website here.


So we’re thinking about those who have died, whether by violence, neglect,  or illness.

On top of the already creepy weather and somber events, I was just watching a movie about plants emitting toxins in an attack on humans.  It starred Mark Wahlberg,  and frankly, I’ll watch pretty much anything with him in it.


(OK,  the picture is a bit dated. So what. I like it. And he’s still hot!)

The boyfriend gave me a scare the other day, he went hunting with buddies the day of the storm!  He managed to get lost in the snow in the mountains!


(Picture from boyfriend’s cell phone of the snow)

He had to fire off several shots so his friends could find him, and direct him back to the vehicle.  Nuts.  Just plain craziness.  And a very good thing he didn’t tell me about it till he was already on the way home!

So it’s creepy and weird and just plain unsettling as I type this.   I’m hoping tomorrow (later today really) is a bit better.   I don’t like unsettled!