AR-15 (2) One thing you can count on, in the battle to get assault weapons off the streets of America, gun owners, specifically those who own (or wished they owned) the AR-15 will fight to the death… to make sure you know AR *doesn’t* mean ‘assault rifle’.

Now, they have a point. AR stands for the original manufacturer from back in the 50’s, Armalite Rifle. This fixation, however, on what the AR stands for is a bit disingenuous, given their penchant for screaming “CONFISCATION!!!!” any time anyone proposes a restriction or buy-back plan.

The Colt AR-15 is an assault rifle, though. Who says so? Colt says so, that’s who.

What, you say? How can that be true? Well, it is. Go to (as of the date of this posting)

Select rifles.

Select AR-15. You’ll be taken to this page.

Scroll to page 3. Read the following:  “The firearms in this manual are classified as “semiautomatic assault weapons” under the 1994 Crime Bill.”

The Crime Bill referenced expired in 2004. Colt has not deemed it necessary to revise their owner’s manual in the 15 years since. In fact, Colt has decided to halt production of the AR-15. Despite being a very popular weapon, Colt says they don’t sell enough of them to make it worth their effort, and they want to focus on their military production.

I’m suspecting they see the writing on the wall, and know these weapons are on their way out. At some point, they’re going to be banned again, and existing weapons bought by the government to be destroyed. If you’re a big manufacturer, you don’t want to get caught with a large inventory, and existing production lines, for a gun you can’t sell. I think they’re getting out now while the getting is good. Let the knock-off manufacturers take the fall in a few years.

Just for ghits and siggles, here’s an article from the May/June 1959 Guns and Ammo magazine, about the amazing new gun, the AR-15.







And for just a little bit more information, here’s something that popped up in a discussion on Facebook recently:


Nowadays, the gun folks don’t want you to call it an “assault rifle”. They only want that to refer to fully automatic weapons.

But as they scream “IT’S NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE!!!!”, it’s still the weapon of choice for mass shooters. Colt seems to be shrugging their shoulders and saying, “not our problem anymore.”