Hair Furor is spending millions to hold a July 4th celebration that is a military junta’s wet dream. Tanks, jets, and who knows what else, in addition to the traditional fireworks, are planned.

A fly in the ointment, though.

Weather for Washington, D.C. is forecast to be rather nasty.

I know I played a rather significant part in delaying heavy rains that threatened to spoil PrideVisalia 2019, but I’ve decided I’m not going to intervene in this instance.

One, I don’t want to risk my standing with the weather gods by returning to that request too often. The gods, while sometimes generous in unexpected ways, can become quickly annoyed by the presumptuousness of humans that assume too much. I may need to hold my good standing in reserve for the next PrideVisalia, or November’s Over The Edge. We can’t have nasty weather for those events!

Two, I think it highly appropriate for Trump to have the gods rain on his parade.

So, no… I’m not going to ask.

You’re welcome.