It’s not often we feel sorry for the “bad guy”, but this time it’s a near thing.

Here’s tonight’s story of a poor guy who just can’t catch a break….

He was released from prison early in the day.  He gets back to Tulare County, and just about the first thing that happens is he gets stopped by a deputy, who proceeds to do what we call an “FI”, a field interview (or interrogation).  After that, the two “buddies” with him apparently blame him for being harassed by the cops, so after the deputies have gone they decide to start beating the crap out of him.  Someone sees that, and calls 9-1-1, and the deputies head back to intervene.  Of course, once they get back on scene, the “buddies” have flown the coop, and our poor “bad guy” is sporting some bruises and scratches.  “Bad guy” refuses medical help, and is not interested in prosecuting his “buddies”.  Since he won’t cooperate, and his injuries are not severe, the deputies leave.  Some time later, but not much, “bad guy”, who is now on foot, gets hit by a car!  Of course, it’s hit and run, and the driver gets away.  9-1-1 gets called again, and deputies, CHP, and an ambulance are dispatched.

While our just-released ex-con is laying on the road, waiting for the ambulance and the cops to arrive, someone decides to kick the crap out of him!  Of course, THEY take off before the good guys arrive, and we don’t have any arrests (so far) for either the hit and run, or the assault.  To add insult to his now many injuries, his common-law wife takes all his money, his last 3 bucks, out of his pocket, and leaves him laying in the road!  By this time a crowd had gathered, and when the deputies, ambulance, EMTs, and CHP arrive, they tell them of the last few minutes of our poor “bad guy’s” day.

So let’s recap: Gets out of prison. Gets stopped by the cops.  Gets beat up by “friends”.  Gets hit by a car.  Gets kicked senseless (or more senseless than the hit and run caused) by one or more individuals while he’s laying in the road.  His “girlfriend” rummages through his pockets, and takes his last $3!  Once help arrives, he ends up being helicoptered to Fresno for emergency medical treatment.

In what might be the only good news in this story, the “girlfriend/common law wife” was arrested for being under the influence, and for robbery.  She sits in jail as he lays in the hospital.

It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for him.  Almost.

Compared to this, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad day.