Photo Credit Volkswagon

2012 Volkswagon Beetle

A newly designed VW Beetle will make it’s appearance as a 2012 model, kicking off VW’s attempt to increase it’s market share in the US.

The Beetle’s first design was approved by Adolph Hitler.

Originally designed to cement German loyalty to the Nazi regime, Hitler wanted a cheap, reliable vehicle for the working class.  The engineering platform that the Beetle was based on became the underpinning of many German military vehicles.  After the war, the car became an important part of Germany’s recovery efforts.

Starting in the late 50’s and early 60’s, the Beetle was imported to the United States, and became an iconic vehicle here.  Production for sale in the US stopped in 1978 due to safety design requirements, high cost of imports, and small cars introduced by American manufacturers.  Re-introduced in 1998, the newly redesigned Beetle was an initial success, but sales were going primarily to older buyers who owned one in their youth, and women.  Young people and men were not buying the New Beetle in sufficient numbers.  VW has decided to go after that market in the US, and has redesigned the Beetle once again.

Photo Credit: Volkswagon

Sleeker, lower, wider, and longer, the new Beetle is the third incarnation of VW’s iconic vehicle.  Models, built in Mexico, will appear in showrooms in October.

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