Hmmm.  She’s already expecting flack over her caribou hunting expedition on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”.  Maybe deep down somewhere, in that Grinch sized heart of hers, she knows it’s wrong to use a high powered firearm to kill an animal from a great distance.  She talks about being 400 to 500 miles from a grocery store, so hunting is required to feed the family.  I suspect, however, that Wasilla actually has a grocery store.   Her line is the video is a clear demonstration of her cluelessness:  “we don’t have the advantage, the animals have the advantage”.  After she drove there in a extended cab pickup, and was hoisting a rifle with a scope up to shoot an animal.


One thing I will say about Sarah Palin:  I hope she runs for President in 2012, and wins the Republican nomination.  The drubbing she’d then take in the general election would pretty much shut her up.  Well, I take that back.  It wouldn’t shut her up, but at least it might open her eyes a bit.  I can hope, anyway, can’t I?