Fresno’s Tea Party held a rally at Chukchansi Park Saturday, April 10.  With a capacity of 12,700, the park looked pathetically empty when only 3,800 people showed up to vent their displeasure with the government.  The event drew roughly half the number who attended last year’s rally at Save-Mart Center, also in Fresno.

In a stunning admission of the priorities of Tea Party members,  organizers blamed low turnout to “Big Hat Days”, a craft show/street fair in the adjoining city of Clovis.

Although “Big Hat’s” is a two day affair, the Tea Party could not draw even the same number attendees as they had last year.  After so many TeaBaggers went apoplectic over the passage of the Health Care bill, turnout at the rally was dismal, and made for interesting television video of a near-empty stadium.  Speakers included Devin Nunes, Republican Representative of California’s 21st District.   No information is available on whether any speaker could be understood due to the echo effect of a near empty stadium.

Perhaps it’s all a clever strategy on the part of the TeaBaggers.  By hiding their movement in smaller and smaller turnouts, they can lull their opponents into a false sense of security, then surprise them at election time!  Of course, one hopes that if that is the plan, that the Tea Baggers who preferred “Big Hats” this weekend will remember to go vote on election day.  Coffee, anyone?