From the Archives, August 10, 2008 – “Stupid Drunk Human Tricks”

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I almost titled this one “stupid criminal tricks” but until someone actually gets convicted, I suppose criminal is a bit judgmental….

Here’s the latest story that has us shaking our heads at what people will try to do to get out of trouble. The place and time – State Route 99, south of Pixley, California (in California’s great Central Valley) – about 3am. One of our south county patrol units is driving up 99 towards Pixley, heading back to the Substation. He sees a vehicle displaying all the signs of an intoxicated driver, so he makes a traffic stop. After the normal “license, registration, and insurance” interaction, the deputy gets on the radio and asks to have the CHP dispatched for a drunk driver. I get on the phone and place that call to get them started, when I hear my supervisor pick up a 9-1-1 line, and things start getting interesting…….


You’ll NOT put a towel down on MY floor, by Gawd!

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At least she didn’t call 9-1-1….

But she did call the Sheriff’s Office because her roommate told her she couldn’t put a towel on the floor while she took a shower.  They actually got into a heated argument about it, to the point where shower girl called the cops!  The other half fled before the Deputy arrived, so not much got resolved.  We don’t even know if towel girl got to take her shower,  bare floor or not.


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