A madman in a blue box

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The strangest thing happened earlier today.  He tells me we weren’t gone long at all.  It seems like it was, to me, though.  Did you miss me?

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My satirical look at the Pope’s resignation got over 500 views at Queerlandia on it’s first day. It’s already trending to be another busy day, with early traffic hits continuing to build. This is my third largest single day hit count since I started writing these blogs. I may have to start writing more “investigative” reports! ;-)

Why does Curiosity have it’s own laser? The truth behind an armed rover.

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The official story is one of a modest laser device, used to blast tiny holes in rocks, and analyze the resulting dust and debris with a spectrometer.  This, according to the briefs, will allow scientists to determine the chemical structure of the rocks.  NASA/JPL just released a picture of their first test firing.

From the looks of the images, you’d think “no big deal. A little tiny hole in a rock.”  The truth, however, is much more sinister.

We all know the government never tells you the complete story about these things.  Remember when spy satellites were all the “top-secret” rage, and they “could read the license plate number on your car”?  Of course, the capabilities were far more than was admitted.  The same thing applies to Curiosity.

A nuclear reactor?  To power a golf cart and a laser pointer? Not bloody likely…


If you could go back in time and kill Adolf Hitler, would you? Should you?

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A short story, on a thought that crossed my mind recently:

It’s not supposed to be this way.

I was trying to save lives and make the world a better place, but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Really, things weren’t all that bad to begin with.  The Soviet Union was gone, and while the Russians were trying to stir things up here and there, especially in Iran and Syria, that was more them trying to regain lost glory than actually working against anything in particular the United States was doing.  Terrorism was a dying force, after we had sent bin Ladin to the bottom of the sea, and while the world’s economy was still a bit shaky, things were looking up.  But no…..that wasn’t good enough.   I had to go and try to make things “better”.  Me and my time machine.  I should have taken the hint from those old classic movies,  the Back to the Future series, and destroyed the thing before I started messing with the timeline.  Doc Brown was right about time machines, they create nothing but pain.  Pain for me, and for billions of others.
And it’s all my fault.



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